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Learning Chamber Music: Piano Quintet for Flexible Instrumentation

Learning Chamber Music: Piano Quintet for Flexible Instrumentation
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Michele Schottenbauer
Michele Schottenbauer
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This set of exercises is written for students learning the basics of chamber music in a piano quintet. The scores are written for piano plus 4 instruments of flexible instrumentation. Flexible instrumentation means that the instruments can consist of any common Western orchestral or band instruments (strings, woodwinds, brass, or percussion). This file contains parts for the following instruments:

Piano, plus:
4 Instruments in Treble C
4 Instruments in Treble F
4 Instruments in Treble Bb
4 Instruments in Treble Eb
4 Instruments in Alto C
4 Instruments in Bass C
4 Instruments in Low Bass C

Included in this zip file are the following:

1) 66 Pages of Exercises
2) Introduction with Instructions for Practice

The exercises are divided into 7 sections:

Part I: Tuning, Dynamic Balance, and Basic Rhythmic Exercises

Part II: Entrance and Timing Exercises (Tempo Setting and Timing)

Part III: Ending Exercises (Holding Notes Full Length and Fermatas)

Part IV: Tempo Change Exercises (Accel. and Rit.; Section Changes)

Part V: Other Common Time Signatures (22, 24, 34, 68)

Part VI: Advanced Rhythm (Duple vs. Triple)

Part VII: Articulation and Stylistic Matching Exercises

The full score is included, so all performers can see the overall "gestalt," creating a greater ability to understand how their instrument fits into the group.
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10 Sep 2014


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