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Learning Chamber Music: Quintet for Flexible Instrumentation

Learning Chamber Music: Quintet for Flexible Instrumentation
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Michele Schottenbauer
Michele Schottenbauer
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This set of exercises is written for students learning the basics of chamber music in a quintet. The scores are written for 5 instruments of flexible instrumentation. Flexible instrumentation means that the instruments can consist of any 5 common Western orchestral or band instruments (strings, woodwinds, brass, or percussion). This file contains parts for the following instruments:

5 Instruments in Treble C
5 Instruments in Treble F
5 Instruments in Treble Bb
5 Instruments in Treble Eb
5 Instruments in Alto C
5 Instruments in Bass C
5 Instruments in Low Bass C

Included in this zip file are the following:

1) 69 Pages of Exercises
2) Introduction with Instructions for Practice

The exercises are divided into 7 sections:

Part I: Tuning, Dynamic Balance, and Basic Rhythmic Exercises

Part II: Entrance and Timing Exercises (Tempo Setting and Timing)

Part III: Ending Exercises (Holding Notes Full Length and Fermatas)

Part IV: Tempo Change Exercises (Accel. and Rit.; Section Changes)

Part V: Other Common Time Signatures (22, 24, 34, 68)

Part VI: Advanced Rhythm (Duple vs. Triple)

Part VII: Articulation and Stylistic Matching Exercises

The full score is included, so all performers can see the overall "gestalt," creating a greater ability to understand how their instrument fits into the group.
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02 Sep 2014


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