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Learning with "Big Print Tunes" in Every Key!

20.05.2014 News

Children's folk tunes in big print, transposed chromatically into every key within a 2-octave range, provide excellent practice for beginners on recorders, as well as band and orchestral instruments. Arranged by composer M. Schottenbauer, Ph.D., "Big Print Tunes" provides this optimal learning experience. Selections are available in Treble Clef (C to C), Treble Clef (F to F), Low Treble Clef (F to F), Alto Clef (C to C), Bass Clef (C to C), and Bass Clef  (F to F). Tunes include "Row, Row, Row Your Boat," "Long, Long Ago," "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star," "Bingo," "'Round the Mountain," "Down by the Station," "Over the River," "Eency, Weency Spider," "The Mulberry Bush," and "Pop! Goes the Weasel." These melodies are grouped into three levels based on difficulty:

Level 1: Duple Time Signatures

Level 2: Duple Time Signatures, Faster Tempo

Level 3: Triple Time Signatures*

*Level 3 is additionally divided into A and B, due to file size.

These levels are designed to correspond to the upcoming "Big Print Music Method." All selections are available in zip files from MusicaNeo, including both pdf and MIDI computer files for each tune.


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