Michele Schottenbauer Postmodern Composer and Music Educator


  • New Blogs Promote Music Education Materials
  • 31.08.2015 News
  • Several new blogs promote educational materials by composer and publisher M. Schottenbauer, Ph.D.  The blogs , which are administered by the composer on the Blogspot domain, include the following: The Big Print Music Method Piano Technique Education Chamber Music Education Tips Symphony, Orchestra, Band, and Recorder The Big Print Conducting Method The Science of Music Performance Music Theory & Ear Training The blogs feature free samples of e-files sold on MusicaNeo, as ...
  • Composer Announces New Humorous Music Video, "Trumpet Ball"
  • 31.08.2015 News
  • Composer, author, and publisher M. Schottenbauer, Ph.D., has created a new demo video, Trumpet Ball . This humorous piece features a cartoonized video of Schottenbauer performing on trumpet while engaging with a bright red toy ball. Trumpet Ball is available on  YouTube .
  • A Concert Hall for Every Budget
  • 31.08.2015 News
  • Owning a personal concert hall is the secret dream of many musicians. Thankfully, this may now become a reality for millions of musicians, due to new, budget-conscious Tiny Concert Hall  plans by composer and musician M. Schottenbauer, Ph.D. Described in a series of videos on  YouTube , Tiny Concert Hall  plans include the following economical designs: Original Trailer Model (8' x 20') Alternate Trailer Design Symphony Orchestra Trailer Modular Building Steel ...
  • New Video Shows 33 Musical Instruments Demonstrated by One Musician!
  • 31.12.2014 News
  • A new video from  Schottenbauer Publishing  shows the musician, composer, and author M. Schottenbauer, Ph.D., demonstrating a selection of musical instruments, including piano, woodwinds, brass, strings, and percussion. This music education video,  33 Musical Instruments, All in One Sitting , is available free on  YouTube . Additional performances by M. Schottenbauer, Ph.D., are available on the composer's  YouTube  and  Vimeo  channels. New s ound samples of ...
  • Learning with "Big Print Tunes" in Every Key!
  • 20.05.2014 News
  • Children's folk tunes in big print, transposed chromatically into every key within a 2-octave range, provide excellent practice for beginners on recorders, as well as band and orchestral instruments. Arranged by composer M. Schottenbauer, Ph.D., "Big Print Tunes" provides this optimal learning experience. Selections are available in Treble Clef (C to C), Treble Clef (F to F), Low Treble Clef (F to F), Alto Clef (C to C), Bass Clef (C to C), and Bass Clef  (F to F).  Tunes include "Row, Row, ...
  • "Die Welt in Graphen": Komponist Erforscht Wissenschaft der Musik, usw!
  • 28.04.2014 News
  • Musik ist nicht nur Klang, es ist Wissenschaft! Komponist M. Schottenbauer, Ph.D. wurde der Naturwissenschaften und Mathematik der Musik zu erkunden in mehreren Serien der Bücher für Studenten und der Öffentlichkeit geschrieben. In der jüngsten Buch "Die Welt in einem Graph", und in der englischen Original, "The World in a Graph", die Wissenschaft von der Musik unter 28 Grafiken aus anderen Alltagsphänomene vorgestellt. Dieses Buch kann ab ca. 5. Klasse bis zum Abitur und Hochschul und Universität in ...
  • "The World in a Graph": Composer Explores Science of Music, etc.!
  • 28.04.2014 News
  • Music is not just sound, it is science! Composer  M. Schottenbauer, Ph.D. has been exploring the science and math of music in several series of books written for students and the public. In the most recent book, "The World in a Graph," and its German translation, "Die Welt in Graphen," the science of music is featured among 28 graphs from other everyday phenomena. This book can be integrated into regular classes in science and math, from approximately 5th grade through high school and ...
  • 7 New Books on the Science of Music Published!
  • 13.11.2013 News
  • In 2013,  M. Schottenbauer, Ph.D. published 7 new books on the science of music.  Selections include four volumes in the series "Where Does Sound Come From?" and one book in the series "How Do You Play That Thingamabob?". Available in both English and German, these book series contain graphs of data pertaining to the generation and transmission of sound and the forces required for music performance, respectively.  An additional series entitled  "Bow Science & Exercises" contains t ...