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Improving Basic Bowing Technique with Applied Science

11.09.2014 Article

"Bow Science & Exercises for Violin & Viola" Book Series

Elementary violin and viola students can learn bowing technique faster with the book series Bow Science & Exercises for Violin & Viola by composer M. Schottenbauer, Ph.D. In a series of books, students learn the basic physics of the bow. Concepts include the use of the bow as a lever, plus the role of force and friction in producing sound. In separate books, students learn simple exercises based on scientific principles, in order to improve control of the bow. The books feature big print and colorful diagrams, and are suitable for students of all ages.

The series includes the following books:

      1. Basic Science
      2. Preliminary Exercises
      3. Intermediate Science [Coming Soon]
      4. Intermediate Exercises [Coming Soon]

These books are for sale on Amazon and other internet retailers, in both print and digital editions. Wholesale is available through CreateSpace. Bow Science & Exercises for Violin & Viola is a supplement to The Big Print String Method by the same author, which is for sale on MusicaNeo.


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