Michele Schottenbauer Postmodern Composer and Music Educator


  • Improving Basic Bowing Technique with Applied Science
  • 11.09.2014 Article
  • Elementary violin and viola students can learn bowing technique faster with the book series  Bow Science & Exercises for Violin & Viola  by composer M. Schottenbauer, Ph.D. In a series of books, students learn the basic physics of the bow. Concepts include the use of the bow as a lever, plus the role of force and friction in producing sound. In separate books, students learn simple exercises based on scientific principles, in order to improve control of the bow. The books feature big ...
  • New Exercises for Learning Chamber Music
  • 03.09.2014 Article
  • The new series of technical studies by composer M. Schottenbauer,  Learning Chamber Music , aims to teach the basic skills of chamber music in a series of programmed exercises.  The exercises are available for a wide variety of common chamber music groups, including trios, quartets, and quintets. The full list of c urrent editions now includes: Specific Instrumentation Piano Trio (Violin, Cello, and Piano) String Trio (Violin, Viola, Cello) Flute Trio ...
  • Introducing New Multimedia Ear Training Materials!
  • 09.07.2014 Article
  • A new set of ear training materials is available from the composer M. Schottenbauer on MusicaNeo. The series breaks down ear training in a new way, including the skills of interval recognition, harmonic overtone series awareness, tone quality, tuning and intonation, and identifying musical mistakes. The first installments in this series are currently available on  MusicaNeo . Ear Training: Intervals Focusing on the topic which is traditionally taught as "ear training," this multimedia ...
  • Updates to The Big Print Music Method
  • 09.07.2014 Article
  • Schottenbauer Publishing is proud to announce  The Big Print Music Method , a long-awaited solution to music education! Originally designed by M. Schottenbauer over 30 years ago as a child, The Big Print Music Method  provides big print instruction, fingering charts, musical notation, note names, and keyboards, in brightly coordinated colors.   Instrumentation includes: Violin, Viola, Cello, String Bass Flute & Piccolo, Clarinet, Saxophone, Oboe, English Horn, ...
  • M. Schottenbauer de Publicação
  • 13.09.2013 Article
  • Um músico premiado e estudante de ciência como um juvenil e jovem adulto, M. Schottenbauer, pH.d. estudou música, física, matemática e Humanidades da Universidade antes de ganhar um doutorado em psicologia. Dr. Schottenbauer manteve uma posição como um Professor Assistente de pesquisa e atualmente trabalha em tempo integral como um pesquisador independente, autor, compositor, desenvolvedor de software educacional e editora. O Grande Imprimir Música Método Novo série de método fornece facilidade de ...
  • M. Schottenbauer Publishing
  • 16.06.2013 Article
  • An award-winning musician and science student as a youth and young adult, M. Schottenbauer, Ph.D. studied music, physics, mathematics, and liberal arts at the university before earning a doctorate in psychology. Dr. Schottenbauer held a position as a Research Assistant Professor, and currently works full-time as an independent researcher, author, composer, educational software developer, and publisher. The Big Print Music Method New Method Series Provides Ease of Learning Fingerings, ...
  • M. Schottenbauer издатель
  • 04.06.2013 Article
  • Наградами музыкант и науки студента как молодежь и молодые взрослые, М. Schottenbauer, к.т.н. учился музыке, физики, математики и гуманитарных наук в университете, прежде чем получил докторскую степень в области психологии. Доктор провел Schottenbauer должность профессора научный сотрудник, и в настоящее время работает полный рабочий день, как независимый исследователь, автор, композитор, образовательных разработчик программного обеспечения, и издатель. Большой Печати Метод   Новая ...
  • M. Schottenbauer Verlag
  • 04.06.2013 Article
  • Eine preisgekrönte Musiker und Informatik-Student als Jugendlicher und junger Erwachsener, M. Schottenbauer, Ph.D. studierte Musik, Physik, Mathematik und Geisteswissenschaften an der Universität, bevor Promotion in Psychologie. Dr. Schottenbauer hielt eine Position als Forschungsassistent Professor, und derzeit arbeitet Vollzeit als unabhängiger Forscher, Autor, Komponist, Bildungs-Software-Entwickler und Verleger.     Die Große Schrift Musik Methode Neue Methode Serie Bietet ...